Privacy Policy
To give you the best experience while browsing and using our site, we want to remember some of the choices you make. This is done by placing small files with information on your device. Most websites do this. These files are called Cookies.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of data that websites store on the visitors device. The storing mechanism enables the website to remember a visitors previous actions and preferences (like login, preferred language and display preferences). By storing these kind of choices limited period of time the visitor does not have to re-enter them over and over again. On every page, on each visit.

There are several similar storing mechanisms that are not cookies (in a technical aspect) but falls under the term cookies. These include ETags, Flash locally shared objects and HTML 5 local storage.

Cookie settings
In this section you have the ability to update your preferences regarding cookies. The different services (and the cookies they use) are divided in two different categories: Performance and Targeting cookies (tracking / advertisements).