Kanokwan Poomputsa

Academic Position : Assistant Professor

Administrative Position  : Associate Dean for Quality Assurance 

Tel. : (+66)2-470-7500

Email : kanokwan.poo@kmutt.ac.th

Research Interests

Animal Cell Culture, Molecular Biology


Ph.D. (Biochemistry), University of Kent, U.K.

Recent Publications

  1. Rattanaamnuaychai Pimploy, Mekvichitsaeng Phenjun, Poomputsa Kanokwan, Maprang roshorm Yaowaluck, 2018, “Generation of a DNA vaccine expressing the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus immunogen fused with cholera toxin B subunit”, The 6th International Conference on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB2018) , 20 June 2018-22 June 2018, ระยอง รีสอร์ท, ระยอง, Thailand, pp. 1-11
  2. Trianti, I ; Akeprathumchai, S ; Mekvichitsaeng, P ; Rachdawong, S ; Poomputsa, K 2018 “Recombinant neuraminidase pseudotyped baculovirus: a dual vector for delivery of Angiotensin II peptides and DNA vaccine” AMB EXPRESS Volume: 8 Article Number: 170
  3. Chan KN, Akepratumchaia S., Mekvichitsaengb P and Poomputsa K (2017)¬ In vitro production of Spodoptera exigua multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus with enhanced insecticidal activity using a genotypically defined virus inoculum. Journal of Biotechnology, 259, 19-25.
  4. Trianti I, Akepratumchaia S., Mekvichitsaengb P and Poomputsa K (2016)¬  Baculovirus Surface Display Using Infuenza Neuraminidase (NA) Transmembrane Anchor. The Journal of Tropical Life Science, 6(3), 205-209.
  5. Rattanarojpong, T., Khankaew, S., Khunrae P., Vanichviriyakit, R., Poomputsa K. (2016) Recombinant baculovirus mediates dsRNA specific to rr2 delivery and its protective efficacy against WSSV infection. Journal of Biotechnology. 229, 44–52.