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Biotechnology, Ph.D

Recent Publications

Chutipa Kanjanapokin, Paitip Thiravetyan, Nattida Chonjoho, Rujira Dolphen, Chairat Treesubsuntorn (2024) Light-Emitting Plants Development by Inoculating of Vibrio campbellii RMT1 on the Rhizospheric Zone of Aglaonema cochinchinense, accepted.

Hsu Myat Thar, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Paitip Thiravetyan, Rujira Dolphen (2023) Development of light-emitting Episcia lilacina leaf by applying Vibrio campbellii RMT1 and extension the glowing by CaCl2 and yeast extract, accepted.

Waleeporn Pongkua, Wararat Sriprapat, Paitip Thiravetyan, Chairat Treesubsuntorn (2023) Active Living Wall for Particulate Matter and VOCs Remediation: Potential and Application, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, accepted.

Chutipa Kanjanapokin, Paitip Thiravetyan, Sucheewin Krobthong, Chanat Aonbangkhen, Yodying Yingchutrakul, Piyatida Kittipornkul, Chairat Treesubsuntorn (2023) Possibility to apply strontium aluminate to produce light-emitting plants: efficiency and safety, Chemistry & Biodiversity, e202300552.

Piyatida Kittipornkul, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Sucheewin Kobthong, Yodying Yingchutrakul, Panpisu Julpanwattana, Paitip Thiravetyan (2023) The potential of proline as a key metabolite to design real-time plant water deficit and low-light stress detector in ornamental plants, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, accepted.

Ginting Dwi Setiawan, Paitip Thiravetyan, Chairat Treesubsuntorn (2023) Gaseous toluene phytoremediation by Vigna radiata seedlings under simulated microgravity: effect of hypocotyl, auxin, and gibberellic acid, Acta Astronautica, 211,88-96.

Pinpatthanapong K, Puengpraput T, Phattarapattamawong S, Phalakornkule C, Panichnumsin P, Boonapatcharoen N, Paensiri P, Malila K, Ponata N, Ngamcharoen T, Jutakanoke R, Setsungnern A, Tachapermpon Y, Treesubsuntorn C, Boonnorat J, 2023. Effect of propionate-cultured sludge augmentation on methane production from upflow anaerobic sludge blanket systems treating fresh landfill leachate, Science of The Total Environment, 163434

Sawitree Auratmat, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Paitip Thiravetyan (2023) Comparison of using plant growth promoting bacteria and exogenous indole acetic acid on rice under ozone stress, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 48, 102633.

Ginting Dwi Setiawan, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Sucheewin Krobthong, Yodying Yingchutrakul, Paitip Thiravetyan (2023) Using multi-omics approach to investigate the effect of a Moon soil simulant on Vigna radiata seedling root and shoot growth, stress responses, and photosynthesis, Acta Astronautica, 202, 550-563

Bayu Hadi Permana, Sucheewin Krobthong, Yodying Yingchutrakul, Treenut Saithong, Paitip Thiravetyan, Chairat Treesubsuntorn (2023) Brassinosteroid signalling and an alternate carbon metabolism pathway in the particulate matter and volatile organic compound stress response of Sansevieria trifasciata. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 105116.

Danuphon Boonbangkeng, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Paitip Thiravetyan (2022) Using cell-free supernatant of Bacillus sp. AK3 in combination with Chlorella to remove harmful algal bloom species, TP, TN, and COD from water, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10, 108645.

Jarungwit Boonnorat, Songkeart Phattarapattamawong, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Ryo Honda, (2022) Effects of high-strength landfill leachate effluent on stress-induced microalgae lipid production and post-treatment micropollutant degradation, Journal of Environmental Management, 324, 116367

Jarungwit Boonnorat, Khathapon Pinpatthanapong, Pornpan Panichnumsin, Chantaraporn Phalakornkule, Songkeart Phattarapattamawong, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Nimaradee Boonapatcharoen, Kanjana Ketbuppha, Supaporn Phanwilai, Propionate-cultured sludge bioaugmentation to enhance methane production and micropollutant degradation in landfill leachate treatment, Bioresource Technology, 127241.

Bayu Hadi Permana, Paitip Thiravetyan, Chairat Treesubsuntorn (2022) Effect of airflow pattern and distance on removal of particulate matters and volatile organic compounds from cigarette smoke using Sansevieria trifasciata botanical biofilter, Chemosphere, Available online 7 February 2022, 133919

Sawitree Autarmat, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Paitip Thiravetyan (2021) Possible mechanism of inoculating Oryza sativa L. with endophytic bacteria under ambient air and ozone stress, Environmental and Experimental Botany, Available online 18 December 2021, 104761

Jarungwit Boonnorat, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Songkeart Phattarapattamawong, Natthamon Cherdchoosilapa, Sestapong Seemuang-on, Malinee Somjit, Chalida Huadprom, Thammasak Rojviroon, Rumpa Jutakanoke, Pradthana Prachanurak (2021) Effect of leachate effluent water reuse on the phytotoxicity and micropollutants accumulation in agricultural crops, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 106639

Danuphon Boonbangkeng, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Rujira Dolphen, Paitip Thiravetyan. Remediation of algal cells, PO43-, and NO3- from eutrophic wastewater using Echinodorus cordifolius in zigzag-horizontal subsurface constructed wetlands, Journal of Environmental Management, _300, 113720.

Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Ginting Dwi Setiawan, Bayu Hadi Permana, Yovita Citra, Sucheewin Krobthong, Yodying Yingchutrakul, Dian Siswanto, Paitip Thiravetyan (2021) Particulate matter and volatile organic compound phytoremediation by perennial plant s: affecting factors and plant stress response, Science of the Total Environment 794, 148779

Phongphetkul P, Mangkang S, Praditsmanont A, Intrachooto S, Choruengwiwat J, Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P (2021) Evaluation of indoor air quality in high-rise residential buildings in Bangkok and factor analysis. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 193, 23

Jarungwit Boonnorat, Alongkorn Kanyatrakul, Apichai Prakhongsak, Kanjana Ketbubpha, Songkeart Phattarapattamawong, Chairat Treesubsuntorn, Pornpan Panichnumsind (2021) Biotoxicity of landfill leachate effluent treated by two-stage acclimatized sludge AS system and antioxidant enzyme activity in Cyprinus carpio, Chemosphere, 128332

Ullah H., Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P (2020) Enhancing mixed toluene and formaldehyde pollutant removal by Zamioculcas zamiifolia combined with Sansevieria trifasciata and its CO2 emission, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Published online (Q2/ Impact factor 3.33)

Treesubsuntorn C., Lakaew K., Autarmat S., Thiravetyan P., (2020) Enhancing Benzene Removal by Chlorophytum comosum under Simulation Microgravity System: Effect of Light-Dark Conditions and Indole-3-acetic Acid, Acta Astronautica, Available online 30 May 2020 (Q1/IF=2.95).

Kittipornkul P, Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P., (2020) Effect of exogenous catechin and salicylic acid on rice productivity under ozone stress: the role of chlorophyll contents, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant enzymes. Environ Sci Pollut Res, Available online (Q2/ IF 3.004)

Kanyatrakul A, Prakhongsak A, Honda R, Phanwilai S, Treesubsuntorn C, Boonnorat J, (2020) Effect of leachate effluent from activated sludge and membrane bioreactor systems with acclimatized sludge on plant seed germination, Science of the total environment, Accept (Q1/ Impact factor 5.589).

Anusaraporn S., Autarmat S., Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P (2020) Application Bacillus sp. N7 to Enhance Ozone Tolerance of Various Oryza sativa in Vegetative phase: Possible mechanism and Rice Productivity, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Available online 6 April 2020, 101591 (Q2/ Impact factor 2.14)

Ullah H., Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P (2020) Application of exogenous Indole-3-acetic acid on shoots of Zamioculcas zamiifolia for enhancing toluene and formaldehyde removal, Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, Available online (Q2/ Impact factor 2.18)

Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P (2020) Suitable Application of Echinodorus Cordifolius-Microbial Fuel Cells Inoculatedwith Bacillus Thuringiensis, Waste and Biomass Valorization, Published: 23 March 2020 (Q2/ IF 2.3)

Siswanto D, Permana, BH, Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyanc P (2020) Sansevieria trifasciata and Chlorophytum comosum botanical biofilter for cigarette smoke phytoremediation in a pilot-scale experiment – Evaluation of multi-pollutant removal efficiency and CO2 emission, Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 13, 109-117 (Q2/ Impact factor 2.18)

Treesubsuntorn C, Chaiworn W, Surareungchai W, Thiravetyan P. (2019) Increasing of electricity production from Echinodosus cordifolius-microbial fuel cell by inoculating Bacillus thuringiensis, science of the total environment, 686, 538-545. (Q1, Impact factor 4.8)

Dolphen, R., Treesubsuntorn C, Setsungnern, A., Santawee, N., Thiravetyan, P. (2019) Modified Coir Pith with Glucose syrup as a Supporter in Non-External Nutrient Supplied Biofilter for Benzene Removal by Bacillus megaterium. Environmental Technology, Accepted. (Q2/ IF=1.528)

Treesubsuntorn, C., Thiravetyan, P. (2019) Calcium Acetate‐induced Reduction of Cadmium Accumulation in Oryza sativa: Expression of Auto‐Inhibited Calcium‐ATPase and Cadmium Transporters, Plant biology, 21, 862-872 (Q1/ Impactor = 2.156)

Santawee, N., Treesubsuntorn, C., Thiravetyan, P. (2019) Using Modified Coir Pith–Glucose Syrup Beads Inoculated with Bacillus thuringiensis as a Packing Material in Trimethylamine (Fishy Odor) Biofilter, Atmospheric Pollution Research, 10, 1312-1319. (Q2/ Impact factor = 2.152)

Pheomphun P, Treesubsuntorn C, Thiravetyan P. (2019) Effect of exogenous catechin on alleviating O3 stress: the role of catechin-quinone in lipid peroxidation, salicylic acid, chlorophyll content, and antioxidant enzymes of Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Ecotoxicology and EnvironmentalSafety, 180, 374-383. (Q1/ Impact factor 3.974)

Pheomphun P, Treesubsuntorn C, Jitareerat P, Thiravetyan P. (2019) Contributionof Bacillus cereus ERBP in ozone detoxification by Zamioculcaszamiifolia plants: effect of ascorbate peroxidase, catalase andtotal flavonoid contents for ozone detoxification. Ecotoxicology and EnvironmentalSafety, 171, 805-812. (Q1/ Impact factor 3.974)

Setsungnern, A., Treesubsuntorn, C., Thiravetyan, P. (2019) Exogenous 24-epibrassinolide enhanced benzene detoxification in Chlorophytum comosum via overexpression and conjugation by glutathione, Science of the Total Environment, 20, 805-815 (Q1, Impact factor 4.8)

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Khaksar,G., Treesubsuntorn, C., Thiravetyan, P. (2017) Impact of endophytic colonization patterns on Zamioculcas zamiifolia stress response and in regulating ROS, tryptophan and IAA levels under airborne formaldehyde and formaldehyde-contaminated soil conditions, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 1-9.

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Treesubsuntorn,C. and Thiravetyan, P. (2012) Removal of benzene from indoor air by Dracaenasanderiana: Effect of wax and stomata, Atmospheric Environment, 57, 317-321.


Patent/Petty Patent

Thiravetyan P., Treesubsuntorn C., Dolphen R., P. Dhurakit, (2019) External structure of botanical biofilter (Product design patent application number 190200273, July 24 2019.

Thiravetyan P., Boraphech P., and Treesubsuntorn C., (2018) Botanical biofiltration system for volatile organic compounds (Petty Patent number 14415 June, 7 2016).

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