AgriScience and Technology (Postharvest Technology)

Postharvest Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Fruit softening mechanisms in tropical fruit.
  • Analysis of aroma volatiles and plant pigments in orchids and some tropical fruits.
  • Plant pathogen detection.
  • Biochemical changes and gene expression related to plant senescence and plant resistance.
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Postharvest Pathology

  • Postharvest disease controls in fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.
  • Expression of plant defence genes in pre- and postharvested produces.
  • Food safety in minimal processed fruit and vegetables.
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Postharvest Physiology

  • Ethylene metabolism.
  • Lignifications/ Browning.
  • Enzymatic changes of perishable produce.
  • Chilling injury of fresh produce.
  • Irradiated fruit Modified/ Controlled atmosphere storage.
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Postharvest Technology of Seed and Grain

  • Postharvest technology of seed: Heat resistance improvement in vegetable seed using gamma irradiation, biochemical and physiological changes of seed priming, effect of packaging methods on seed quality, plant extract as an application in seed, seed coating using chitosan solution.
  • Postharvest technology of grain: packaging process influence on grain quality, quality changes of processed grain-legume, improvement of parboiled rice quality.
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Postharvest Quality and Storage System

  • Precooling techniques for fresh produces.
  • Storage techniques of perishable crops.
  • Phytochemical compounds in plant.
  • Chlorophyll degradation and its control.
  • Quality management in supply chains.
  • Logistic management of fresh produces.
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Postharvest Technology of Ornamental Plant

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Postharvest Plant Senescence

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