Enzyme Technology

  • Isolation of new cellulolytic and xylanolytic bacteria under aerobic and anaerobic conditions of industrial application.
  • Production of plant cell wall degradation enzymes from bacteria and their applications.
  • Multienzyme complexes, cellulosome and xylanosome from aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
  • Bio-conversion of agricultural wastes to sugars.
  • Alkaline enzymes from alkaliphillic Bacillus sp. And their applications.
  • Application of alkaline cellulose-free xylanase in kraft pulp preableaching.
  • Extraction of valuable compounds from mushroom by plant cell wall degrading enzymes.
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Lipid Technology

  • Fats and oil: Purification of rice bran wax, policosanol from rice bran wax, ultra high gamma oryzanol rice bran oil, reduction of refining loss in rice bran oil refinery.
  • Gas chromatography:thermodynamic approach to gas chromatography and its application to identification of fatty acids and organic compounds without a standard reference.
  • Liquid chromatography: separation of lipids into their classes by size exclusion HPLC to facilitate quantification.
  • Biodiesel: continuous preparation of biodiesel and with non-conventional heat without heat. Correlation of structures and properties of biodiesel; cetane index, viscosities of neat and blends, vapour pressure.
  • Preparation of biodiesel from different sources, bran wax, rubber seed oil, nonconventional seed oils.
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Carbohydrate Technology

  • Modification of starches (esterification, etherification, cross-linking, heat treatment).
  • Characterization of starches (canna, cassava, yam, rice starches).
  • Production of starch products (noodle, film, thickening agent, rice paper, hydrogen, controlled release fertilizer, resistant starch).
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Flavor and Fragrance Technology

  • Functional properties (antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal) of plant extracts.
  • Essential oil from plants and their applications.
  • Production and utilization of hydrolyzed plant protein as functional food and flavoring agent.
  • Characterization and identification of volatile compounds and bio-active compounds in agricultural products.
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Gene Technology

  • Functional characterization of fungal transcriptional factors.
  • Study on mechanisms of multi-drug resistance in model and pathogenic fungi.
  • Regulation of metabolic, virulence and drug resistance genes for industrial and medical applications.
  • Interaction between drug targets and bioactive compounds for development of new antifungal agents in(bio)pharma.
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Plant Science and Agricultural Technology

  • Essential oils from selected Thai herbal plants for nutraceutrical, antimicrobial and agricultural purposes.
  • Development of technology for cash crop production in particular areas.
  • Development of plastic culture or plastic green house for growing particular crops such as vegetables and tea in soil less culture or hydroponics culture.
  • Soil, water and pest management for crop production in sustainable agriculture.
  • Stress physiology in fruit trees.
  • Organic farming and food safety technologies developed for particular crops.
  • Effect of cultural practices on quality and physiological changes of agricultural crops.
  • Value added modification of the commercially agricultural products.
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