George Andrew Gale

Academic Position : Associate Professor

Tel. : (+66)2-470-7555

Email :

Research Interests

Ecology and conservation biology


Ph.D. (Ecology),  University of Connecticut, U.S.A.

Recent Publications

  1. Savini, T. ; Gale, G.A. ; Yu, CX. ; Ngoprasert, D. ; Round, PD. ; Pierce, AJ., A 2019 “Roost selection of the endangered Spotted Greenshank (Tringa guttifer) in critical habitat in the Inner Gulf of Thailand” AVIAN RESEARCH Volume: 10
  2. Savini, T. ; Gale, G.A. ; Pierce, AJ. ; Angkaew, R. ; Sankamethawee, W. ; Pierce, AJ., A 2019 “Nesting near road edges improves nest success and post-fledging survival of White-rumped Shamas (Copsychus malabaricus) in northeastern Thailand” CONDOR Volume: 121 , Issue: 1
  3. Gale, G.A. ; Savini, T. ; Lynam, AJ. ; Irving, GJ. ; Round, PD., A 2018 “Collapse of a tropical forest bird assemblage surrounding a hydroelectric reservoir” GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION
  4. Gale, G.A. ; Vasudevan, R. ; Schiavon, A.A. ; Puzorjov, A. ; Malin, J. ; Gillespie, M.D. ; Vavitsas, K. ; Zulkower, V. ; Wang, B. ; Howe, C.J. ; Lea-Smith, D.J. ; McCormick, A.J., A 2019 “Cyanogate: A modular cloning suite for engineering cyanobacteria based on the plant moclo syntax” Plant Physiology Volume 180 , Issue 1 , Pages 39-55
  5. Ngoprasert Dusit, Gale George andrew, Steinmetz Robert, 2018, “Density and temporal overlap of Asiatic black bears and sun bears in a tropical forest”, 26th International Conference on Bear Research and Management , 16 September 2018-21 September 2018, The grand Hotel Union, Ljublijana, Republic of Slovenia, pp. 1.
  6. Petkliang, N.Gale, G.A.Brunton, D.H.Bumrungsri, S. 2018 “Geographical variation in breeding chronology of Germain’s swiftlet (Aerodramus inexpectatus germani) in southern ThailandPacific Conservation Biology Article in Press
  7. Khamcha, D.Powell, L.A.Gale, G.A. 2018 “Effects of roadside edge on nest predators and nest survival of Asian tropical forest birdsGlobal Ecology and Conservation 16,e00450
  8. Khamcha, DCorlett, RT ; Powell, LA ; Savini, T ; Lynam, AJ  ; Gale, GA 2018 “Road induced edge effects on a forest bird community in tropical Asia” AVIAN  RESEARCH   Volume: 9     Article Number: 20
  9. Techachoochert, SGale, GA ; Khudamrongsawat, J ; Round, PD 2018 “Habitat Association and Conservation Status of the Endangered Giant Nuthatch (Sitta magna) in Thailand” TROPICAL CONSERVATION SCIENCE Volume: 11 Pages: 1-10
  10. Salema, Christopher A.; Gale, George A.; Bumrungsri, Sara 2018 “Nest-site selection by Common Green Magpie (Cissa chinensis) in a tropical dry evergreen forest, northeast Thailand” WILSON JOURNAL OF ORNITHOLOGY Volume: 130   Issue: 1   Pages: 256-261
  11. Tangtorwongsakul, PWarrit, N ; Gale, GA  2018 “Effects of landscape cover and local habitat characteristics on visiting bees in tropical orchards” AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST ENTOMOLOGY Volume:  Pages: 28-40
  12. Tantipisanuh, NGale, GA 2018 “Identification of biodiversity hotspot in national level – Importance of unpublished data” GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION Volume: 13 Article Number: e00377
  13. Sites, RWLago, P ; Gale, GA 2018 “Associations of scarab beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) with dung of four species of mammals in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand” RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY Volume: 66 Pages: 87-95
  14. Dai, RNgoprasert, D ; Gale, GA  ; Savini, T 2018 “Secondary removal of seeds dispersed by gibbons (Hylobates lar) in a tropical dry forest in Thailand” RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY Volume: 66 Pages: 517-527
  15. Johnson, LABanerji, S ; Lawrance, W ; Gileadi, U ; Prota, G  ; Holder, KA ; Roshorm, YM ; Hanke, T ; Cerundolo, VGale, NW ; Jackson, DG 2017 “Dendritic cells enter lymph vessels by hyaluronan-mediated docking to the endothelial receptor LYVE-1” NATURE IMMUNOLOGY Volume: 18  Pages: 762
  16. Petkliang, N; Gale, GA.; Brunton, DH.; Bumrungsri, S 2017 “Wetland, Forest, and Open Paddy Land Are the Key Foraging Habitats for Germain’s Swiftlet (Aerodramus inexpectatus germani) in Southern Thailand” TROPICAL CONSERVATION SCIENCE   Volume: 10   Pages: 1-12
  17. Ngoprasert, D.; Lynam, Antony J.; Gale, G A. 2017 “Effects of temporary closure of a national park on leopard movement and behaviour in tropical Asia” MAMMALIAN BIOLOGY  Phommachanh, CNgoprasert, D ; Steinmetz, R ; Savini, T ; Gale, GA  2017 “Habitat Use of the Saola Pseudoryx nghetinhensis (Mammalia; Bovidae) Based on Local Sightings in the Northern Annamite Mountains of Lao PDR” TROPICAL CONSERVATION SCIENCE  Volume: 10    Article Number: 1940082917713014 Volume: 82  Pages: 65-73
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