Werasak Suraruengchai

Academic Position : Associate Professor

Tel. : (+66)2-470-7474

Email : werasak.sur@kmutt.ac.th

Lab Website : FREAK LAB

Research Interests

Sensor Technology, Nanotechnology, Electrochemistry


PhD in Electroanalysis

Recent Publications

  1. Surareungchai, W. ; Janyasupab, M. ; Liu, CW. ; Chanlek, N. ; Chio-Srichan, S. ; Promptmas, C., A 2019 “A comparative study of non-enzymatic glucose detection in artificial human urine and human urine specimens by using mesoporous bimetallic cobalt-iron supported N-doped graphene biosensor based on differential pulse voltammetry” SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL Volume: 286 , Pages: 550-563
  2. Chaibun, T.La-O-Vorakiat, C.O’Mullane, A.P.Lertanantawong, B.Surareungchai, W. 2018 “Fingerprinting Green Curry: An Electrochemical Approach to Food Quality ControlACS Sensors
  3. Chaiyasitdhi, A ; Miphonpanyatawichok, W ; Riehle, MO ; Phatthanakun, ; Surareungchai, W; Kundhikanjana, W  ; Kuntanawat, P 2018 “The biomechanical role of overall-shape transformation in a primitive multicellular organism: A case study of dimorphism in the filamentous cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis” PLOS ONE  Volume: 13
  4. Boonpakdee, DYevenes, CFG .; Surareungchai, W ; La-o-vorakiat, C 2018 “Exploring non-linearities of carbon-based microsupercapacitors from an equivalent circuit perspective” JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A Volume: 6  Pages: 7162-7167
  5. Ngoensawat, URijiravanich, P ; Surareungchai, W ; Somasundrum, M 2018 “Electrochemical Immunoassay for Salmonella Typhimurium Based on an Immuno-magnetic Redox Label” ELECTROANALYSIS   Volume: 30   Issue: 1   Pages: 146-153
  6. Parnsubsakul, A; Oaew, S; Surareungchai, W . 2018 “Zwitterionic peptide-capped gold nanoparticles for colorimetric detection of Ni2+” NANOSCALE Volume: 10  Pages: 5466-5473
  1. Pataranutaporn, P.Ngamkajornwiwat, P.Unprasert, T., Umnajsasithorn, W. Luksanayeam, S. Loha-Unchit, S La-O-Vorakia, C. Sakulkueakulsuk, B. Ngamarunchot, B. Assawaboonyalert, C. Pataranutaporn, P. Chatwiriyachai, S.Surareungchai, W.Jain, S. 2017 “Hormone couture: Biopolitics, aesthetics, and technology” Proceedings – International Symposium on Wearable Computers, ISWC Part F130534, pp. 221-226
  1. Parnsubsakul, A; Safitri, RE; Rijiravanich, P; Surareungchai, W 2017 “Electrochemical assay of proteolytically active prostate specific antigen based on anodic stripping voltammetry of silver enhanced gold nanoparticle labels” JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY  Volume: 785   Pages: 125-130
  1. Muralikrishna, SNagaraju, DH ; Balakrishna, RG ; Surareungchai, W  ; Ramakrishnappa, T ; Shivanandareddy, AB “Hydrogels of polyaniline with graphene oxide for highly sensitive electrochemical determination of lead ions” ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA   Volume: 990   Pages: 67-77
  1. Poo-Arporn, RP ; Pakapongpan, S ; Khownarumit, P ; Waraho-Zhmayev, D ; Poo-Arporn, Y ; Surareungchai, W “Development of Mevalonic Acid Biosensor Using Amperometric Technique Based on Nanocomposite of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and Carbon Nanotubes” JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY” Volume: 164 Pages: B349-B355
  2. Widaningrum, T.Widyastuti, E.Pratiwi, F.W.Faidoh Fatimah, A.I.Rijiravanich, P.Somasundrum, M.Surareungchai, W. 2017 “Sub-attomolar electrochemical measurement of DNA hybridization based on the detection of high coverage biobarcode latex labels at PNA-modified screen printed electrodes Talanta167, pp. 14-20
  3. Vijian, D., Chinni, S.V.,  Lee, S. U.,  Lertanantawong, B., Surareungchai, W., Non-protein coding RNA-based genosensor with quantum dots as electrochemical labels for attomolar detection of multiple pathogens, Biosens. Bioelectron, 2016, 77, 805-811.
  4. Vijitvarasan, P., Oaew, S., Surareungchai, W., Paper-based scanometric assay for lead ion detection using DNAzyme, Anal. Chim. Acta, 2015, 896, 152-159.
  5. Khunrattanaporn, N., Rijiravanich, P., Somasundrum, M., Surareungchai, W., Highly sensitive electrochemical detection of genomic DNA based on stem loop probes structured for magnetic collection and measurement via metalised hollow polyelectrolyte shells, Biosens. Bioelectron, 2015, 73, 181-187.
  6. Liew, P.S., Lertanantawong, B., Lee, S.Y., Ravichandran, M., Lee, Y.H., Surareungchai, W., Electrochemical Genosensor Assay Using Lyophilized Gold Nanoparticles/Latex Microsphere Label for Detection of Vibrio cholera, Talanta, 2015, 139, 167-173.
  7. Low, K-F., Rijiravanich, P., Singh, K.K.B., Surareungchai, W. Chan, Y.Y., An electrochemical genosensing assay based on magnetic beads and gold nanoparticle-loaded latex microsphere for Vibrio cholerae detection, J. Biomed. Nanotechnol, 2015, 17, 702-710.