Paitip Thiravetyan

Academic Position : Associate Professor

Tel. : (+66)2-470-7535

Email :

Website : Remediation Lab

Research Interests

Bioremediation, Biohydrometallurgy, Waste utilization, Phytoremediation


Ph.D. (Biotechnology), Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine, University of  London, U.K

Recent Publications

  1. Thiravetyan, P. ; Treesubsuntorn, C. ; Santawee, N., A 2019 “Using modified coir pith-glucose syrup beads inoculated with Bacillus thuringiensis as a packing material in trimethylamine (fishy odor) biofilter” ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION RESEARCH Volume: 10 , Issue: 4 , Pages: 1312-1319
  2. Thiravetyan, P. ; Dolphen, R. ; Treesubsuntorn, C. ; Santawee, N. ; Setsungnoen, A., A 2019 “Modified coir pith with glucose syrup as a supporter in non-external nutrient supplied biofilter for benzene removal by Bacillus megaterium” ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY
  3. Thiravetyan, P. ; Pongkua, W. ; Dolphen, R., A 2019 “Removal of gaseous methyl tert-butyl ether using bagasse activated carbon pretreated with chemical agents” JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY Volume: 94 , Issue: 5 , Pages: 1551-1558
  4. Thiravetyan, P. ; Wannomai, T. ; Kemacheevakul, P., A 2019 “Removal of Trimethylamine from Indoor Air Using Potted Plants under Light and Dark Conditions” AEROSOL AND AIR QUALITY RESEARCH Volume: 19 , Issue: 5 , Pages: 1105-1113
  5. Thiravetyan, P. ; Dolphen, R., A 2019 “Treatment of ink production wastewater by chemical precipitation coupled with Cyperus alternifolius: pigments, organic compounds and ammonium removal” DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT Volume: 151 , Pages: 183-188
  6. Thiravetyan, P. ; Dolphen, R., A 2019 “Reducing arsenic in rice grains by leonardite and arsenic-resistant endophytic bacteria” CHEMOSPHERE Volume: 223 , Pages: 448-454
  7. Thiravetyan, P. ; Santawee, N. ; Treesubsuntorn, C., A 2019 “Lignin and holocellulose from coir pith involved in trimethylamine (fishy odor) adsorption” JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES-CHINA Volume: 79 , Pages: 43-53
  8. Thiravetyan, P. ; Jitareerat, P. ;  Pheomphun, P. ; Treesubsuntorn, C., A 2019 “Contribution of Bacillus cereus ERBP in ozone detoxification by Zamioculcas zamiifolia plants: Effect of ascorbate peroxidase, catalase and total flavonoid contents for ozone detoxification” ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY Volume: 171 , Pages: 805-812
  9. Thiravetyan, P. ; Setsungnern, A. ; Treesubsuntorn, C., A 2019 “Exogenous 24-epibrassinolide enhanced benzene detoxification in Chlorophytum comosum via overexpression and conjugation by glutathione” SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume: 662 , Pages: 805-815
  10. Thiravetyan, P. ; Dolphen, R. ; Boonapatcharoen, N. ; Techkarnjanaruk, S., A 2019 “Using Cyperus alternifolius for treating ink factory wastewater: effect of microbial communities in the system” DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT Volume: 137 , Pages: 49-57
  11. Pongkua Waleeporn, Dolphen Rujira, Thiravetyan Paitip, 2018, “Study on microorganisms contaminated in particulate matter (PM10) involved in gaseous methyl tert-butyl ether degradation”, The 9th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) , 7 March 2018-8 March 2018, Ijen Suites Hotel Resort & Convention, Malang, Indonesia., Indonesia, pp. 1.
  12. Daudzai, Z.Thiravetyan, P.Treesubsuntorn, C. 2018 “Inoculated Clitoria ternatea with Bacillus cereus ERBP for enhancing gaseous ethylbenzene phytoremediation: Plant metabolites and expression of ethylbenzene degradation genesEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety 164, pp. 50-60
  13. Jindachot, W.; Treesubsuntorn, C.; Thiravetyan, P. 2018 “Effect of Individual/Co-culture of Native Phyllosphere Organisms to Enhance Dracaena sanderiana for Benzene Phytoremediation” WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION Volume: 229   Issue: 3     Article Number: 80
  14. Prum, C.; Dolphen, R. ; Thiravetyan, P. 2018 “Enhancing arsenic removal from arsenic-contaminated water by &ITEchinodorus cordifolius&IT-endophytic &ITArthrobacter creatinolyticus &ITinteractions” JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Volume: 213   Pages: 11-19
  15. Suyamud, B ; Thiravetyan, P ; Panyapinyopol, B ; Inthorn, D 2018 “Dracaena sanderiana endophytic bacteria interactions: Effect of endophyte inoculation on bisphenol A removal”ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY Volume: 157  Pages: 318-326
  16. Treesubsuntorn, C.; Thiravetyan, P. 2018 “Botanical biofilter for indoor toluene removal and reduction of carbon dioxide emission under low light intensity by using mixed C3 and CAM plants” JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION  Volume: 194   Pages: 94-100
  17. Treesubsuntorn, CDhurakit, P ; Khaksar, GThiravetyan, P  2018 “Effect of microorganisms on reducing cadmium uptake and toxicity in rice (Oryza sativa L.) ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH 25 Issue: 26 Pages: 25690-25701
  18. Setsungnern, ATreesubsuntorn, CThiravetyan, P. 2018 “Chlorophytum comosum-bacteria interactions for airborne benzene remediation: Effect of native endophytic Enterobacter sp EN2 inoculation and blue-red LED lightPLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY   Volume: 130   Pages: 181-191
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  23. Setsungnern, A; Treesubsuntorn, C; Thiravetyan, P “The influence of different light quality and benzene on gene expression and benzene degradation of Chlorophytum comosum” PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY   Volume: 120  Pages: 95-102
  24. Khaksar, G.Treesubsuntorn, C.Thiravetyan, P.2017 “Impact of endophytic colonization patterns on Zamioculcas zamiifolia stress response and in regulating ROS, tryptophan and IAA levels under airborne formaldehyde and formaldehyde-contaminated soil conditionsPlant Physiology and Biochemistry 114, pp. 1-9
  25. Treesubsuntorn, C.Boraphech, P.Thiravetyan, P. 2017 “Trimethylamine removal by plant capsule of Sansevieria kirkii in combination with Bacillus cereus EN1Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(11), pp. 10139-10149
  26. Teamkao, PTechkarnjanaruk, S ; Kullavanijaya, P ; Thiravetyan, P 2017“Comparison of bioremediation and phytoremediation in treatment of diethylene glycol from stationery industry” DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT Volume: 60 Pages: 114-121
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